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The Evils of Sugar: Part I

The Evils of Sugar: Part I

Growing up, we were lucky enough to have a mom that did an amazing job of feeding our family. As we devoured our way through the teen years she somehow kept up. She did more than keep up, she fueled us better than any mom around. Our food was always prepared fresh and most of the time from scratch. For the information available at the time, it was the healthiest possible. The only negative behavior that was established from mom’s cooking, was dessert after every meal. Sometimes it was elaborate and others as simple as a piece of candy. Sweets after the meal was embedded into our dinner ritual.


As with many other aspects of life, this habit was taken to another level by eating something sweet after every meal, not just dinner. After moving out, this sweet tooth continued to spiral out of control. There were times when a meal turned into powdered donuts. Not just a couple…a whole box. Playing college basketball allowed the weight to stay off, but the effects of this sweet tooth were in full effect. Every basketball season was accompanied by multiple setbacks do to illness. Looking back, the poor nutritional choices made played a major role.

The damaging effects of sugar on our bodies was not very clear at the time. Sugar and processed foods cause an enormous amount of disease and illness in our country. By reducing or even eliminating sugar from the American diet we’d see obesity and type II diabetes virtually disappear. Sugar, not fat, emerges as the true villain.

What’s so bad about sugar?

We can focus on insulin to understand the role sugar plays in our health. Insulin is a remarkable hormone in our body. Primarily it moves glucose from our blood into our skeletal muscle and fat tissue. High levels of glucose in our blood can damage your kidneys, permanently impair your vision, weaken your immune system, damage nerves, create poor circulation in appendages and slow healing.


A constant intake of sugar causes insulin to continually pump into our bodies. While insulin performs vital functions, the overproduction of insulin and subsequent overworking of the pancreas can lead to type II diabetes and possibly metabolic syndrome. Both of these illnesses create an insulin resistant condition. Meaning your body stops producing the proper amount of insulin for the amount of sugar intake. This is devastating to your health and longevity. Not only are lives shortened by this sugar epidemic, but the end is extremely unpleasant. 

Too Busy Bullets

  • Take a look at your eating habits; particularly the amount of sugar you consume.
  • Sugar is the underlying factor of many diseases and illness present in America.
  • A constant intake of sugar causes insulin to pump into our bodies nonstop. Overproduction of insulin can lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. 

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