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Kitchen Clean Up

Kitchen Clean Up

Many times with a new skill or routine, the hardest place to start is the beginning. Changing your the way you eat can be very difficult. Let’s talk about one step that can help you right off of the bat; cleaning out your kitchen. Now, don’t get scared. This seems like a daunting task and for some, it might be. But getting rid of things that hold you back will allow you to reach your goals and get to the life you’ve been dreaming of. Since you have some new recipes to try thanks to last weeks blog, now it is time to clean out your kitchen.

  1. Purge! This step will be tough, no doubt. It is time to throw away or donate all the things holding you back from reaching your nutritional goals. Have an empty trash can next to you so there is no time to talk yourself out of getting rid of something. Some examples of things to throw away would be anything with high amounts of sugar, expired foods, foods with ingredients you cannot pronounce, products contacting artificial anything… the list goes on and on. Everybody’s ‘purge’ will be different depending on what they are looking for nutrition-wise
  2. Read the labels. As you are going through your fridge and pantry, pay close attention to what is actually in the food you’ve been eating. It may very well surprise you where artificial flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, hidden sugars etc. are lurking. Many of the foods you will be stocking your fridge, freezer, and pantry with, won’t have labels. And if they do, the ingredients should be minimal and you should be able to recognize the ingredients. 
  3. Fill your kitchen and pantry with the good stuff. This is the fun part! Go to your local farmers market or your typical grocery store and pick out some new foods to try. Stick with vegetables, berries, proteins, and carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes. Not only will your kitchen be bursting with colorful fresh foods, but your mental mindset will be stronger. You will feel refreshed, encouraged and 100% ready to start this process. 
  4. Prepare. Now that the kitchen is stocked, prepare yourself for the 911 moments. We have all been ‘hangry’ at some point in time and if you haven’t, it is not a fun feeling. Go ahead and wash some berries, cut up some vegetables, or cook a couple chicken breasts to have readily available. This will allow you to quickly access healthy foods when you’re stuck in a pickle. And hopefully avoid a ‘hangry’ meltdown. In fact, moving fresh produce to the center shelves of your fridge will encourage you to eat them more. Because they are the first thing you see when opening your fridge, you are more likely to reach for them. 
  5. Enjoy yourself. After what was surely a long process of purging and restocking, enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. Allow yourself to taste each food you cooked and delight in the fact that you are making a change for the better. 

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