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19: Michael Lares on Improving Sleep and Overcoming Migraines


Michael Lares is a former U.S. Navy Diver, a lover of the outdoors, and is an expert in sleeping. After a tragic accident and years of suffering from painful migraines, Michael needed sleep. He found guidance and direction from Dr. Bart Flick. Michael and Dr. Flick worked together to create the Somniresonance Delta Sleeper; a device that helps finds the brain’s natural sleeping pattern. Michael resides in British Columbia with his wife and two children and his work continues to help others.

Michael’s Background…3:45

- Michael stumbled across the sleeping technology due to a tragic accident. In 2005 after his wife gave birth, she went to use the restroom and fell face first onto the floor. Two years after the accident, they were still trying to help get her health back to normal. He and his wife tried all sorts of different medicine until one doctor they encountered, Dr. Solomon, changed everything for them. She helped his wife tremendously but also helped Michael with his migraines by connecting him with Dr. Flick. Dr. Flick issued him a PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) device. After a month of using the device, Michael’s migraines disappeared. The four became close friends quickly.
- Because of the impact Dr. Flick’s device had on Michael, he decided to invest in this new technology. In 2010, Somniresonance was created and Delta Sleeper was born a few years after. Delta Sleeper not only has products available, but more importantly it offers clear advice and guidance towards safe measures to treat sleeping disorders.

What does it do?…19:40

- Biohacking means hacking the biology of the human body with different principles. The principle used in this case happens to be bioelectric therapy. The device runs off of pulsed electro-magnetic fields.
- The product is similar to a small computer and it puts out an electromagnetic pulse. Our brains run at a certain frequency and the doctors were able to invent the device to mimic these frequencies. The device imitates a sleeping pattern and the brain has the ability to pick up on that. This gives the brain a little nudge to go to sleep.
- There is no high exposure risk because this device is within the same output of the Earth’s magnetics, making it a very natural brain frequency.

The Importance of Good Sleep…26:10

- Over time Michael has seen his migraines go away, but being able to truly sleep is the real gift. Thinking you can catch up on sleep after months or even years of high stress and/or late nights is not how our body works. Being tired is not a sign of weakness, your body needs rest because you do not want your nervous system to take a hit.
- Even one extra hour of sleep can show dramatic increases in overall day-to-day function.

One Piece of Advice….31:20

- Get more sleep and find true love.
- Life, sleep and overall health is a balancing act. It is important to start searching for that balance early on in life rather than later.



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